I its me Josh. I just wanted to show you all some of my fan art that has to do w/ Pac-Man. Some is on deveantart & some isnt. I will add more soon. So enjoy.

Regular Pac-Man

Ok heres Pac-Man. Regular Pac-Man

Pac-Man cool

Pac-Man giving a thumb up saying hes cool

Midway Pac-Man

The Midway Pac-Man. Its the best I can draw him.

Lac-Man Chasing Pac-Man

Lac-Man chasing his bro.


This is my character Crunch-Crunch who is Chomp-Chomps twin brother & is Road-Man's pet.

Road-Man 1

Road-Man is realy Pac-Man in Road Runner form.

Ghost E. Coyote & Pac-Runner 1

Ghost E. Coyote chasing the Pac-Runner. Erwin did this to Pac-Man & Clyde. See my artical Ghost E. Coyote and Pac-Runner.

Wiley Gives Jr. Edvice

WILE E. COYOTE! A good friend to the Pac People (mainly the Pac-Man Family).

Paclove by mrjoshbumstead-d48r5vt

Pac-Man & Ms. Pac-Man

PnF Cartoon Stuff

Phineas playing w/ toys. One of them is Pac-Man

I'll get you Pac-Runner!

Ghost E. Coyote tring to grab the Pac-Runner.

The epic pacman

A green power pellet?

Wile e s pac class by mrjoshbumstead-d3l6k4u

Even a classic cartoon should know about Pac-Man.

Spongebob laughing at Pac-Man

SpongeBob is laughing at Pac-Man because of his new hat.

Pacman sobbing

Pacman sobbing

Pac-Man & Wiley

Pac-Man & WILE E. COYOTE!!! They would make a graet team.

Don't Hurt Me!

lol. Pac-Man chases SpongeBob wile he cries "Don't hurt me" over & over

Clyde from Pac-Man Sobbing

Clyde the orange ghost sobbing

Pac man barf by mrjoshbumstead-d48qyev

Pacman barfing & rocketing (like when Woody Woodpecker appered on The Simpsons)

Epic pac man by mrjoshbumstead-d480sca

Pac-Man in apicture in the maze.

Road-Man & Crunch Crunch

Road-Man & his dog Crunch Crunch.

Blown up Pac-Runner

Unlick Wiley Coyote & Road Runner sence this is a game Clyde can acctully catch Pac-Man.

CrunchCrunch & SweetSweet

Crunch Crunch is married to Sweet Sweet unlike Chomp Chomp as you can see & read on the pages on this wiki.


Pac-Bet. A mix of Pac-Man & Q*Bert.

Clyde Super Geniues

Clyde imitatine Wile E. Coyote Super Genuies.

Pac-Man Fire

Pac-Man Season! Duck Season Fire!

Mickey Mouse Pac-Man

Pac-Man in Mickey Mouse ears

Road & Blinky

If Blinky gets made fun of he might get mad.


Lac-Man as Yakko & Pac-Man as Wakko.


Pac-Bob. A mix of Pac-Man & SpongeBob.

Road & Wiley playing Pac-Man

Pac-Man gets harder on level 28.

Super Pac-Man Bros.

Pac-Man as Mario

Robin Hood Inky

Robin Hood Inky (another Looney Tunes parody of the cartoon Robin Hood Daffy).

Class of ACME

Outside of ACME Loo standing are Pac-Man & Lil Beeper.

Held Against Will

Clyde locked dum old Inky up because he barfed all over him. Now Inky is mad that hes in a cage. LOL!

Pac-Man and Road Runner

Pac-Man gives Road a ride on his head.

Screenshot 1561341257

My 1st fanart of the upcoming Pac-Man TV Show. It sucks its coming next year huh? I CANNOT WAIT!!!

Pac-Man Strangling Clyde

Pac-Man Strangling Clyde

Doof & Lac-Man

Lac-Man & Dr. Doofenshmirtz. Lac-Man now works for his Evil Inc.

Pac-Man's Revenge

He has a lazer. Hehe

Ghosts Sobbing Contest

The ghosts having a sobbing contest.

To Pac-Man is Human

A fanon idea for the Pac-Man TV Show crossovered w/ the Bugs Bunny & Wile E. Coyote cartoon "To Hare is Human" as "To Pac-Man is Human"

640px-Calamity as inky by mrjoshbumstead-d4h5u8c

Calamity Coyote as Inky

640px-Hidemeferb by mrjoshbumstead-d4h5xqa

Lac-Man scares Phineas

640px-Jrandbeeper by mrjoshbumstead-d48w18s

Jr. Pac-Man & Little Beeper

640px-Ms pacman meets wiley by mrjoshbumstead-d4h5wku


640px-Picnic riad by mrjoshbumstead-d4h3ttm

Uh oh. Pac-Men raid Calamitys picnic!


Suggjested by MarioPhineas76 on the Random-ness wiki.

Blinky wet himself

Eh he he.

Pac E. Coyote

Pac E. Coyote

Pac-Man Outtake

The epic fail!

Ms. Pac & Road Runner

LOL! Don't tell Pac-Man that Road got a true force over Pepper!

Oh there You Are Pac-Man

Phineas: Oh there you are Pac-Man.

Operation Pac-Man

Operation Pac-Man. Another Bugs Bunny/Wile E. Coyote spoof

Phineas is Pac-Man

Phineas mimicing Pac-Man.

Giantess Ms. Pacman

Ms. Pac-Man's Giant Revenge

Pac man as roger rabbit by mrjoshbumstead-d66phyf

Pac-Man dressed as Roger Rabbit (from Who Framed Roger Rabbit)