To Pac-Man is Human
To Pac-Man is Human is a fanon episode of the Pac-Man TV Show crossed over with the Bugs Bunny & Wile E. Coyote cartoon "To Hare is Human"


Inky E. Coyote catches his prey Pac-Man Bunny by forcing him into a sack. Pac-Man then replaces himself w/ TNT then escapes as Inky blows up. Inky then gets a Pac-Man detecter & sees Pac-Man putting a lock on his house. He then breaks in the house at night but Pac-Man chomps Inky to protect himself. The next day wile Pac-Man was making power pellets in a toaster Inky replaces them w/ grenades but they pop out & blow Inky up. They chase contenues till Inky E. Coyote puts a rock over Pac-Man's power pellet tree. Pac-Man comes up & picks 3 power pellets but the rock dosnt fall till Inky arives. Inky then asks his Pac-Man detector "What will I do!" The machine tells Inky to go back & take his medicaine which he does & gets crushed by the rock. At the end Pac-Man pops up & says the machine only has 0ne moving part.