Road-Man 1

Road-Man (left) about to eat Wiley Coyote (right)

Road-Man is Pac-Man only in Road Runner form. The point of the Road-Man games is to controll Road-Man to eat all the Road dots in the maze & avoid being caught by the coyotes (who are playing the ghosts) Wiley, Cagey, Josh & Techy. If Road-Man toutches a coyote a life is lost & the game is over when all the lives are lost. If Road-Man eats a power pellet then he can eat the coyotes once they turn dark blue. When a coyote is eaten their eyes return to their home & back to the way they were. The fruit that apperes in the center of the maze gives Road-Man more points. The same gameplay goes for other games like Ms. Road-Man.


Road RunnersEdit

Road-Man- Road-Man is the main star of the Road-Man series. His hobby is protecting the Road-Land power forest from the coyotes. If the coyotes ever get their hands on the power forest they will take over Road-Land. So its up to Road-Man to keep it safe.

Ms. Road-Man- Ms. Road-Man is Road-Man's girlfriend and later became Road-Man's wife. She also has her own classic arcade game

"Little" Beeper-Man- Little Beeper-Man (also known as Beeper-Man or Beeper) is Road-Man's 13 year old son who enjoys listining to music & hanging out in the park wile being chased by the coyotes 13 year old nefuew Calamity.

Rod-Baby- Road-Baby is Road-Mans other son who is 2 years old & is rather friends w/ Calamity.

Rev-Man- Rev-Man is Road-Man's evil twin bro.

Professer Road-Man- Proffeser Road-Man is the proffeser of Road-Land

Road-Man Family

The Road-Man family. Road-Man (left) Ms. Road-Man (middle left) Little Beeper-Man (middle right) & Road-Baby (right)


Wiley Coyote- Wiley (aka Wile E.) Coyote is the main leader of the coyote gang & is the smartest. He also often gets mad at the other coyotes when they are off doing silly things.

Cagey Coyote- Cagey is the 2nd member of the coyote gang & is the tough voiced one who can also shape shift

Josh Coyote- Josh Coyote is the 3rd member of the coyotes. He is also the dum one hence Inky is the dum ghost

Techy Coyote- Techy Coyote is the 4th member of the coyotes. He isnt as brave as Wiley is but helps out w/ Cagey.

Calamity Coyote- Calamity is the coyotes 13 year old cousin but unlike Dinky the Ghost Calamity is not a brat. He be-friends w/ Road-Baby but tries to kill Beeper-Man


The coyote gang. The line up goes by Wiley, Cagey, Josh, Techy & Calamity.


Crunch-Crunch- Crunch Crunch is Road-Man's faithful dog. He loves to play fetch w/ him.

Road-Man & Crunch Crunch

Road-Man & his dog Crunch Crunch.

Ralph Wolf- Ralph Wolf is the main boss of the coyotes. He is not a coyote but he is sooooooooooooo evil! If he finds were the Road-Land power forest is he will have controll over Road-Land.

T. Tiger- T. Tiger is the offical pet of the coyotes. He is evil, homicital, he goes to church (don't know why), he likes clowns & pie & his best friend is a cactus

Mr. Cactus- Mr. Cactus is T. Tigers best friend.

Ralph Wolf

The boss of the coyotes. DO NOT TELL RALPH WERE THE POWER FOREST IS!!!!!

SpongeMorris SquarePants- SpongeMorris SquarePants is Road-Man's neighbor & best friend. He isnt a Road Runner but hes still cool. His nickname however is "SpongeBob" rather than Morris.

Poppy Cornan- Poppy is a talking piece of popcorn who looks like SpongeMorris & Jimmy Gourd (from Veggietales). Road-Man tries to eat him a lot.



T. Tiger.

Ms. Road-Man

Road-Man Plus

Super Road-Man

Road & Pal

Little Beeper-Man

Baby Road-Man



Road-Man Arrangement

Road-Man Worlds 1, 2, 3 & Ralley
Road-Man & Friends

Road-Man having a chomp chase w/ Beeper & SpongeMorris.

TV ShowsEdit

Road-Man: The Animated Series

Road is Back



Road-Man Zoom and Bored-0

Road-Man Zoom and Bored-0