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Pac-Man X is a TV/comic series created by Shroob12.


Pac-Man, his buddies, Pac-Mac, Pac-Martyr and the Ghost gang prepare to fight the Evil Betrayus and his henchmen Ghost Boss and the Goul-Bots with Demon-Pac and his Zombie Sharks.


  • Jeremy Shada - Pac-Man, Blinky
  • Vincent Tong - Pac-Mac
  • Brian Drummond - Pac-Marty, Clide, Zombie Sharks
  • Leo Howard - Stinky (Seriously dude take a bath)
  • Olivia Holt - Pinky
  • Tom Kenny - Betrayus
  • Ted Lewis - Ghost Boss
  • Bradley D Baker - Demon Pac
  • Marked One - Strelok