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Pacman Jr

Main character 2

In Pacman world adventure which has a similar to Pacman world 2 and is about a messed up world for Pacman with Pacman's X- girlfriend Pac-girl.


When Blinky , Inky, Pinky , and Clyde by mistake free a liquid monster named googey It's start's taking control of all the real people that freed him (Inky, Pinky and Clyde), messes up Pacman's life It's to Pacman and Pacman jr. to team up and save the day.

Worlds and BossesEdit

Pac-land or Grass land~ Clyde's gaint killer frog

Magma center~???

Spectral ruins~Inky's close shave

(hidden) Canyon Crusade~ Inky's gaint killer frog

Ice moutain~ Showdown with Pinky

(hidden)Orson's factory~???

Air fleet~ The air fleet

Digital arcade~???

the final world~ The final monster

Other charactersEdit

Stage charactersEdit

(These character are importent to the world or there cameo's)

Pac-Land~Pacman Jr (Importent)

Magma center~ Erwin (Cameo)

Spectral Ruins~ King Galaxian (Cameo)

Canyon Crusade~ Pac-girl (importent)

Ice moutain~ Professor Pac (cameo)

Orson's factory~ Orson (importent)

Air fleet~Roger (cameo)

Digital arcade~Toc Man (importent)