Pac-Man: The Movie is an upcoming 3D computer animated family adventure comedy film based on the popular arcade video game of the same. The film is being written and directed by The Ultimate Daredevil and produced by Dan Lin and Roy Lee. It is set to be released in summer 2030.

Premise Edit

Pac-Devil is terrorizing Pac-Land. To put an end to this madness, Pac-Man and his butt-buddies, the Ghost Gang must embark on an epic quest to find the sacred power pellet. But in order to find it, he must make his way through a haunted labyrinth.

Production Edit

Throughout the jump from the 2020s AD to the 2030s AD, Frigid Fire Animation Arm asked out The Walt Disney Company to work on the Pac-Man movie and make it restricted.

Release Edit

The film is set to be released in May 22nd, 2030 to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Pac-Man.

Voice Cast Edit

Jerry Trainor as Pac-Man

Grace Park as Ms. Pac-Man

Michael J. Fox as Blinky

Angie Harmon as Pinky

Jay Sean as Inky

Sa as Clyde

Mila Kunis as Sue