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Ms. Pac-Man
is the main character from the game, Ms. Pac-Man. She is Pac-Man's girlfriend then later was Pac-Man's wife. She is sweet, fun loving, smart, and is always looking on the bright side of things. She loves her husband and loves making friends. She also loves her son Pac-Baby, even though she stomped on him when he was giggling at her for growing into a giantess.
Giantess Ms

Giantess Ms. Pac-Man Growth and Stomp-0

Ms. Pac-Man appears in the cartoon series Pac-Man Productions where her personality is much like how she was in the Hanna Barbera Pac-Man cartoon. Also in Pac-Man Productions, she wears sandals instead of boots.

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Ms. Pac-Man aka Pepper/

Pac girl

Pacman & Ms. Pacman in there youth