Dinana Pic

Dinana is an 8-year-old Cutie Monster and one of Pacman's best friends. She lives along with any other Medighost in Curin Village.

Pac-Man AdventureEdit

Dinana makes her debut in Pac-Man Adventure. She and Chin-kee crashed into Pacman while running away from some Ghost Monsters.

Pacman thinks Dinana looked like a Ghost Monster... well almost...

Pac-Man Party SeriesEdit

Dinana appeared in Pac-Man Ultra Party as normal. the design of her eyes is like Pacman's but with an eyelash on each eye like Pinky's and the same eye colour as Inky's.

Pac-Man Party Dinana

Dinana in a Pac-Man Party style.

Super Pac-Man VS.Edit

Dinana appears as a playable character in Super Pac-Man VS. She's one of the characters in the light-weighted group. In the 'Pac-Crash-Ball' game, she's wearing a sky-blue battle suit.

Other 'Pac-Man' Related MediaEdit

Pac-Man And The Ghostly AdventuresEdit

Dinana appeared in the upcoming cartoon series 'Pac-Man And The Ghostly Adventures'. She was described as a timid-but-brave Cutie Monster.

When Pacman and his two friends first met Dinana, she was all dirty. Cylindria washed her clean under the tap. After she was cleaned, Dinana said that she had a sudden chill so the three kids take her to the doctor surgery to make her feel better.

As the three kids take Dinana for a nighttime stroll, she had some sence of danger. Dinana told them that some Ghost Monsters are coming to scare her. But it was only Blinky , Pinky , Inky and Clyde .

Pac-Man: Type It 'Wild'Edit

As one of Pacman's allies, Dinana makes her role in the Pac-Man: Type It 'Wild' manga. She was described as a curious Cutie Monster. In one chapter of the manga, Dinana encounted another Medighost that looks just like her but the colours of red and black with yellow eyes.