Crunch-Crunch is the brother of Pac-Man's dog Chomp-Chomp. He looks just like Chomp-Chomp exept Crunch-Crunch can talk in a british accent. He & Chomp-Chomp get along realy well. He is Road-Man's loyal pet & like Chomp-Chomp he is a cute frisky puupy who likes to play. He is also good like his master at chomping coyotes after eating power pellets.
Road-Man & Crunch Crunch

Crunch-Crunch & Road-Man

Unlike Chomp-Chomp Crunch-Crunch is married to Sweet-Sweet the dog & even though hes a Pac-Dog he hangs out with roadrunner's in the town of Road-Land.
CrunchCrunch & SweetSweet

Sweet-Sweet is on the left & Crunch-Crunch is on the right.