Giantess Ms

Giantess Ms. Pac-Man Growth and Stomp

It was a beautiful day in Pac-Land. At the Pac-Family house, Mrs. Pepper Pac-Man and her son Pac-Baby were just standing in the household doing nothing. Ms. Pac starts growing taller. She grows till her head reaches the celing. Pepper looks down, smiling awkwardly at Pac-Baby. He is amazed at seeing his mother grow tall, he starts giggling with joy. Pac-Baby starts to shrink a little, and he looks up at his mom, pointing at her. Pac-Baby was really laughing because he was tickling inside at seeing his mother being so tall, but Pepper thought he was making fun of her. Ms. Pac stops smiling and starts frowning. Then she starts growing again. Pepper grows so tall, her head grows right threw the celing, and when she stopped growing, only her legs and boots are seen. Pac-Baby was even more amazed at seeing his mother that tall. He contenues giggling and looking up trying to see his mother's face, but Pepper has grown so tall, he could not see her face through the ceiling. Pac-Baby shrinks till he is the size of a speck. Pepper gets tired of her son laughing at her, so she desides to step on him. Ms. Pac raised her foot over her son. Pac-Baby finally stops giggling and looks up at his mother's foot in fear. Even though Pac-Baby stopped laughing, Pepper stomped on him anyway causing the house to shake. I don't know what happens next, but Ms. Pac later apologized to her son for stepping on him

This story is a cross between the Hanna Barbera Pac-Man cartoon, and Schoolhouse Rock's Unpack Your Adjectives.